How it all began

Driven by passion since she was young, Carissa Nails was founded by Carissa Liem at October 2006. She started working since she was 15 years old, practicing her skill as a nail artist at her parents’ salon. As days gone by, Carissa learned more about nail arts, which enables her to work as a home-service nail artist whilst attending college at Semarang.

Once she finished with her education, Carissa started selling and distributing fake nails made from superior quality from one customer to another. In one whole year, Carissa’s name rose up higher as she got customers from around the world such as Thailand and Sydney. At 2013, a job offer came to Carissa from a famous nail art academy located at Singapore. Carissa was placed as a nail art trainer at one of the company’s subsidiary specializing in gel polish made in korea and distributed to Singapore.

With appropriate skills, vast amount of experience and her record of achievements, Carissa started her own business, Carissa Nails. Her specialties can be divided into three: fake nails, courses, and nail care services such as manicure and pedicure.

Profile Carissa


Combining all the knowledge and experience she gained throughout her life, Carissa once participated the Pink Room Cup, an international nail art competition with participants from all over the world. Carissa joined the Open Group Mixed Media Art Tip Submission category and despite all adversities, she managed to get the third place.

Some of Carissa’s clients were celebrities such as Rinni Wulandari from Indonesian Idol, Melly Mono, Kartika Putri, Denada Tambunan, Marcella Tanaya, Carissa Puteri, Dominique Diyose, and Dara Warganegara. Carissa appeared twice on TransTV, featuring at D’Tutorial and Basa Basi program. She also featured at popular fashion magazines such as Cosmo, Het, Dewi and Elle.

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