Fake Nails

Q : How about the sizes of those fake nails?
A : it’s fully customizable. Sizes can be matched with your size.

Cara ukur kuku

Q : Is it available for pre-order?
A : All pre-order submissions will be sent accordingly to your nail sizes.

Q : How about the durability of your fake nails? Is it one-time use?
A : It’s strong enough to endure 4-5x uses.


Q : Did I get the tools and materials or do I have to bring my own?
A : All tools and materials will be given to each student.

Q : Private class or group?
A : It’s mostly private, but I can manage a group of maximum 3 persons. If you have more than 3 persons, it will be divided into multiple groups.

Q : Can we designate the location for the class?
A : Yes, but only for orders more than 5 million.

Q : Can you manage for weekend classes? Some of us have jobs on weekdays.
A : My working hours is flexible, feel free to order classes on weekends.